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Virginia Relay
Captioned Telephone Service

Designed for people who have difficulty hearing over the phone, Captioned Telephone works like any other phone - with one important difference. Using the latest in voice recognition software, the Captioned Telephone displays every word the other person says. So you can hear what is being said and read word-for-word captions of your conversation on the Captioned Telephone's display screen.

Best of all, the Captioned Telephone captioning service is free. Spanish-to-Spanish Captioned Telephone is also available.

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You can benefit from Captioned Telephone if you are:

  • Deaf with understandable speech
  • Someone with a Cochlear implant
  • Hard of Hearing
  • A Voice Carry-Over user
  • A late-deafened adult
  • Someone who can no longer use an amplified phone

Check out the Captioned Telephone calling options:

  • Analog: Works with standard telephone service using one or two lines
  • Internet: Works with a high-speed Internet connection and any type of phone service.
  • Mobile: Access Captioned Telephone on your iPhone or Android.
  • Web: Make Captioned Telephone calls over the Internet using your PC and a standard or mobile phone. No special equipment or software is needed.
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