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Community Services

Community Services include a variety of services to the deaf and hard of hearing community. A major focus of their work is Information and Referral about resources for hearing loss, and training to state and local agencies about how to effectively interact with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Community Services offers:

Community Services Program Introduction

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VideoPhone: 804-256-3912

Find a Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist in your area:

Hearing Loss Resources

There are many resources and support groups for people with hearing loss. Some of these organizations may have a local chapter near you:

Information on Hearing Aids

While the Commonwealth of Virginia does not provide any program for financial assistance to purchase hearing aids, we have compiled a list of resources and information into a Hearing Aid Packet. This collection of resources contains helpful information on the different types of hearing aids, how to best understand and select one, and financial options available. Click here to download, view, or print a copy of the Hearing Aid Packet. To request a Hearing Aid Packet please or contact us by phone at 800-552-7917.

Information on Learning American Sign Language in Virginia

VDDHH provides a listing of resources for learning American Sign Language (ASL) in Virginia. This resource list includes information regarding community classes, and college courses in ASL and/or interpreter training. It also includes suggested websites where you may find lessons, videos, or apps for learning ASL. Download the "Learning American Sign Language in Virginia" resource list here

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